oberih [ukr.: ‘an item that protects’] is a publication that serves as a fundraising project for people affected by the war in Ukraine. it is a collection of stories about things that accompany us everywhere and provide solace and protection in all circumstances. gathered from our friends, these stories reached us in the form of short texts, images, voice messages and online posts in the period of April–May 2022.

Our contributors

Like most of people in Ukraine, our contributors are currently fighting, working, volunteering and directly facing the consequences of the war.

Stanislav Turina, Katya Libkind, Pavlo Huk, Tereza Yakovyna, Zoé, Dariia Kuzmych, Georgi Mamardashvili, Anna-Mariia Kucherenko, Ksenya Bilyk, Maryana Klochko, Yaroslav Futymskyi, Yarema Malashchuk, Arsenii Tarasov, Dima Levytskyi, Pavlo Shapoval, Grisha Kyt, Lucy Ivanova, Zhenia Stepanenko, Mykhailo Kryven, Katya Lesiv, Diana Khalilova, Olena Samoilenko, Serhiy Voinalovych, Katerina Nefeld, Yuri Anikin, Fulco Treffers, Taras Pastushchuk, Nina Direnko and Boris Stepanenko, Khrystyna Buniy, Anastisiia Kulik, Oleh Shovenko, Misha Buksha, Eliza Mamardashvili, Olga Malyshenko, Serhiy Solovyov, Andriy Bozhok, Daria Maiier, Galyna Nikitina, Alyona Tokovenko, Olena Fedotova, Alisa Testova, Sana Shahmuradova, Katya Buchatska, Lera Ganicheva, Daniil Nemirovskiy

About the book

1000 numbered copies
size: 105x150mm, 216 pages
language: English

edited, designed & published by understructures:
Daša Anosova, Timur Akhmetov, Vitya Glushchenko, Olha Lyubarska, Anna Riabova, Yuli Rudenko

produced with the initial support of LC-Queisser, the Eckenstein-Geigy Foundation, Stiftung zur Förderung Aktueller Kunst, and Liste Art Fair Basel

with thanks to Leopold Thun, Lisa Offermann, Ana Chorgolashvili, Nika Lelashvili, Olya Oleinic, Karl Oskar Toover, Elisabeth Klement, Volodymyr Gavrysh, Yura Kudryk, 7bc; and with special thanks to 'friends of Matteo'

printed by Printon A.S., Tallinn, Estonia

Who we support

90% of the proceedings from sales will be directed towards volunteer initiatives and humanitarian organisations, which are currently active in Ukraine and are immediately related to some of our contributors.

– ateliernormalno
– Ukraine Helping Medical Collection
– Hospitaliers
– IT-Troups
– Women Veteran Movement
– reconstruction initiative in Chernihiv’s region

How and where to buy

  • Liste Art Fair, Basel; LC-Queisser gallery (June 13—19)
  • I Never Read Art Book Fair, Basel (June 15—18)
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